Sunday, April 5, 2015

DA: Inquisition DLC Pt. 2

Wow that is a long DLC! Which is good because you feel you get your moneys worth. Is it worth $14.99 to buy.....yes and no. There is beautiful graphics and its a whole new area on your map and has everything that there entails BUT the story I felt was sub-par. It was interesting but over all I did not find myself totally enthralled in it. Meaning when I finished it i wasn't "OMG that was Amazing! Who ever would have thought!" Instead I was more "Oh thank god its done."

Definitely is meant to be played either right before you confront Corypheus for the the final time or as an after the battle moment. You definitely want to be at least Lv. 20 when you go into it. Its fun and there are some hilarious one liners and easter eggs that get a chuckle out of you. It was good but I'm holding out for something more the next DLC whenever that may be.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DA: Inquisition new DLC Part 1

Finally got my hands on the new DLC for the Bioware's most epic game: Dragon Age: Inquisition

I have been in debate as to where/when how I was going to finally play it. Do I go through with my original Inquisitor (whom I lovingly nicknamed Charming) or do I wait until I go through it with a new character. Do I go back and play through the first two games again and then hope that Dragon Age: Keep uploads properly this time? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. 

Finally I have decided to run through it with Charming (his original name is Renard, I'll do a post on him later) and when I'm done I'll give you a walk through of what I thought about this DLC. 

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I gave blood.... and nearly passed out

Today I gave blood and found myself nearly passing out. it was quite the experience for it had been a long time since I had given blood. I was still back in community college when I last gave blood and that was over 4-5 years ago! There was a blood drive at my nearby bank and there I met the now retired chief of police of my city and a fellow woman from my women's group that I am in. Its always fun being in a small (ish) town because you'll never know who'll you'll bump into

Now it has been a while (at least 5 years as I've said before) since I have given blood and that might have been a part of it. Needless to say it was an interesting experience. I think what did me in was when I bent over to grab a Gatorade out of the cooler and then black spots and flushed face hit my out of no where. It was kinda funny afterwards because I had called out for help and three of the men in the bus took me over to an open seat and layed me down with a cool cloth. Afterwards when i felt better one of the men told me "He was proud of me because many never make it that far to ask for help. They'll just suddenly hear a *THUMP* and there they are on the floor out cold" LOL.

I remember a story a guy told me one time years ago when I was waiting that he and his girlfriend gave blood and waited for the 10 mins afterwards. and everything seemed fine, but the second she opened the door to go out she just blacked out and face planted. (that would not be fun to wake up to LOL I think of the scene from the A-Team movie when B.A. wakes up after being drugged out by Murdock)

Now I'm waiting for the website to send me my activation email so i can update my rewards points and see what i might be able to redeem them for.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hairband Fun

Went out the mall yesterday and spent a long, fun time in my favorite store there: Fuego

This store is the perfect combination of Nerdy and Bohemian-chic. (I also happen to get most of my Dad's side of the family White Elephant Christmas gifts there ^^U)

So while I was browsing around I found an AWESOME galaxy themed headband on sale!
(Similar to this but more pinks/purples and planets on it)

And so it got me thinking about how fun it would be now that its practically summer weather (even though were just going to be entering spring properly -_-U) that it would be fun to get more of those types of headband that wrap around the top but hand long in the back

My debate is if it will look good with my short hair 0.o? Maybe if I got one (or made one) that's not as thick across the top and thinner down the side. Hmmmm, welp we'll just have to wait and see won't we ;)

Back At It!

I'm back at it and hopping in whole heartedly! Whatever comes across my mind it'll probably end up here in one shape or form. So hold on folks, Its Show Time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss USA 2012 Pageant

So last night i caught the last part of the Miss America 2012 padgent on Tv with cousin Hannah where they picked the top 5 and did the final question round. And from the second we saw her we both fell for Miss Rhode Island!
She's just so adorable and we loved her on screen personality and flattering, beautiful dress right off the bat! (Not to mention aceing her judges question from Twitter fans) AND SHE WON!! We were so happy =^^= Congrats!!!

I also really liked Akon's new song he sung twords the end and am looing forward to getting it

Craft Project: Cheap, Homemade Shadow Box

So for Christmas and Birthdays this last year i have been making shadow boxes for two of my cousins (one of which now has me making on for her every major gift-giving Holiday) and they've been a real hit!

So i thought i would go through and show you how i make my Shadow Boxes! =^^=

First step is to gather your materials! Which in this case is: 1 Dollar Tree picture frame, hot glue gun with lots of extra sticks, 2-3 paint stir sticks, Mod Podge, paint and the images you want to use (a comic book in this case)

 Now a note on measuring the paint sticks, make sure you take into account the fact that each stick is going to be laying inside each other and so cut with that in mind (like one stick at a time)

After that hot glue each piece of wood inside the frame but not laying in the center, but against the outer track that would hold the glass in, making sure o glue the edges too for extra protection
 Eventually it ill look like this, also as you see you want any labels to be on the exterior, not the interior...also don't worry about the glue, it's on the back and the back don't count
 Then i lay it back down on top of the original backing so i can trace the inside for gluing my pictures down later
 Trim the edges down to fit the sticks we've added
 Next i painted the entire inside one color and the outside a matching-themed color (this is all optional to how you want it to look) but i like painting the outside either way because it covers up said labels on the sticks
 While that was all drying mod-podged my background together on the backing we trimmed and then hot gluded it to the sticks
 Finally using what ever you want (me accordion, scrunched up paper) mack little stands for your main image to stand on and create that 3D look
 AND THERE YOU HAVE IT PEOPLE!!! =^^= The finished project, hope you make some of your own, comment me if you do!