Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss USA 2012 Pageant

So last night i caught the last part of the Miss America 2012 padgent on Tv with cousin Hannah where they picked the top 5 and did the final question round. And from the second we saw her we both fell for Miss Rhode Island!
She's just so adorable and we loved her on screen personality and flattering, beautiful dress right off the bat! (Not to mention aceing her judges question from Twitter fans) AND SHE WON!! We were so happy =^^= Congrats!!!

I also really liked Akon's new song he sung twords the end and am looing forward to getting it

Craft Project: Cheap, Homemade Shadow Box

So for Christmas and Birthdays this last year i have been making shadow boxes for two of my cousins (one of which now has me making on for her every major gift-giving Holiday) and they've been a real hit!

So i thought i would go through and show you how i make my Shadow Boxes! =^^=

First step is to gather your materials! Which in this case is: 1 Dollar Tree picture frame, hot glue gun with lots of extra sticks, 2-3 paint stir sticks, Mod Podge, paint and the images you want to use (a comic book in this case)

 Now a note on measuring the paint sticks, make sure you take into account the fact that each stick is going to be laying inside each other and so cut with that in mind (like one stick at a time)

After that hot glue each piece of wood inside the frame but not laying in the center, but against the outer track that would hold the glass in, making sure o glue the edges too for extra protection
 Eventually it ill look like this, also as you see you want any labels to be on the exterior, not the interior...also don't worry about the glue, it's on the back and the back don't count
 Then i lay it back down on top of the original backing so i can trace the inside for gluing my pictures down later
 Trim the edges down to fit the sticks we've added
 Next i painted the entire inside one color and the outside a matching-themed color (this is all optional to how you want it to look) but i like painting the outside either way because it covers up said labels on the sticks
 While that was all drying mod-podged my background together on the backing we trimmed and then hot gluded it to the sticks
 Finally using what ever you want (me accordion, scrunched up paper) mack little stands for your main image to stand on and create that 3D look
 AND THERE YOU HAVE IT PEOPLE!!! =^^= The finished project, hope you make some of your own, comment me if you do!