Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hairband Fun

Went out the mall yesterday and spent a long, fun time in my favorite store there: Fuego

This store is the perfect combination of Nerdy and Bohemian-chic. (I also happen to get most of my Dad's side of the family White Elephant Christmas gifts there ^^U)

So while I was browsing around I found an AWESOME galaxy themed headband on sale!
(Similar to this but more pinks/purples and planets on it)

And so it got me thinking about how fun it would be now that its practically summer weather (even though were just going to be entering spring properly -_-U) that it would be fun to get more of those types of headband that wrap around the top but hand long in the back

My debate is if it will look good with my short hair 0.o? Maybe if I got one (or made one) that's not as thick across the top and thinner down the side. Hmmmm, welp we'll just have to wait and see won't we ;)

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