Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I gave blood.... and nearly passed out

Today I gave blood and found myself nearly passing out. it was quite the experience for it had been a long time since I had given blood. I was still back in community college when I last gave blood and that was over 4-5 years ago! There was a blood drive at my nearby bank and there I met the now retired chief of police of my city and a fellow woman from my women's group that I am in. Its always fun being in a small (ish) town because you'll never know who'll you'll bump into

Now it has been a while (at least 5 years as I've said before) since I have given blood and that might have been a part of it. Needless to say it was an interesting experience. I think what did me in was when I bent over to grab a Gatorade out of the cooler and then black spots and flushed face hit my out of no where. It was kinda funny afterwards because I had called out for help and three of the men in the bus took me over to an open seat and layed me down with a cool cloth. Afterwards when i felt better one of the men told me "He was proud of me because many never make it that far to ask for help. They'll just suddenly hear a *THUMP* and there they are on the floor out cold" LOL.

I remember a story a guy told me one time years ago when I was waiting that he and his girlfriend gave blood and waited for the 10 mins afterwards. and everything seemed fine, but the second she opened the door to go out she just blacked out and face planted. (that would not be fun to wake up to LOL I think of the scene from the A-Team movie when B.A. wakes up after being drugged out by Murdock)

Now I'm waiting for the website BloodSource.org to send me my activation email so i can update my rewards points and see what i might be able to redeem them for.

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