Sunday, April 5, 2015

DA: Inquisition DLC Pt. 2

Wow that is a long DLC! Which is good because you feel you get your moneys worth. Is it worth $14.99 to buy.....yes and no. There is beautiful graphics and its a whole new area on your map and has everything that there entails BUT the story I felt was sub-par. It was interesting but over all I did not find myself totally enthralled in it. Meaning when I finished it i wasn't "OMG that was Amazing! Who ever would have thought!" Instead I was more "Oh thank god its done."

Definitely is meant to be played either right before you confront Corypheus for the the final time or as an after the battle moment. You definitely want to be at least Lv. 20 when you go into it. Its fun and there are some hilarious one liners and easter eggs that get a chuckle out of you. It was good but I'm holding out for something more the next DLC whenever that may be.

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